When the view out the office window looks like this sometimes it feels like we are protected by those 14,000 foot peaks from the real world. Thanks to fiber optics and the internet we can sit here and do life insurance business with those out in the “real world” and never have to really participate in it.

Until today. With the World Health Organization, WHO, raising the Pandemic level to 5, we were wondering if even our mountains could be breached. I get the local paper here in the mail everyday. Even though I could get our little 16 page paper online, I still wait until I get the mail each day to see the headlines. Usually pretty boring until today when it reported that there may have been a case of swine flu right here in Salida.

This is certainly all new territory for us, the country and the world. I can’t say that I remember WHO ever giving a Pandemic alert before. And the foreign travel advisories and warnings are certainly active which has already changed plans for several people I know. While this flu situation has caused the government to warn people not to go to Mexico, it has moved our neighbors to the south to the top of the alert list.

I know the question will come up this week. A client will call and ask, “if they happen to travel to Mexico or have traveled to Mexico and happen to get swine flu and die from it, are they covered”? And of course the answer is yes.

Bottom line. Who knows where all of this is going. It really seems so small to have the whole world on edge the way it does, but I suppose that’s the way most big things start.