As requirements grow tighter with most US based life insurance companies we have one carrier who goes above and beyond to meet the life insurance needs of those who reside outside the United States, whether foreign nationals or ex-patriots.

Virtually all other US life insurance carriers are now requiring substantial US financial holdings in order to be considered and the amounts of those holdings and the hoops that must be jumped through to qualify are, frankly, a complete transaction stopper in almost all cases. With their rules constantly changing and becoming more restrictive as time passes it is apparent that they don’t want international business. But that brings me back to the one company that stands alone in this market place welcoming foreign nationals without all of the requirements and restrictions.

A financially solid 100+ year old life insurance company has a full portfolio of products to meet every need, whether business, personal or estate protection. They have both term and universal life policies that can be owned by foreign individuals or entities (companies or trusts). Premium payments can come from financial institutions outside the US or by credit card. While there is still the requirement to sign the application and complete an examination in the US (Florida, Texas or Arizona), unlike all other US based life insurance companies there is no requirement for a return trip to the US just to sign for and accept the policy, cutting your cost of acquisition in half.

For an agent like me who has spent up to 2 years trying to qualify a foreign national for US life insurance, this company offers answers to the virtually impenetrable wall that US based companies have thrown up around their much wanted and valued products. To have a life insurance company offer their valuable products with no US ties required, not financial, relationships or property holdings, is huge. They have autobind limits of $5 million on term and $10 million on universal life insurance and with reinsurance can go as high as your needs justify. They offer life insurance in Mexico, Nicaragua, South Korea, Italy, Israel, Argentina, Belize, Hong Kong, Qatar, Panama, Venezuela, Taiwan, Monaco and most countries where all out war isn’t going on.

If you have questions or need quotes please call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.