This all went a little quicker than even I had anticipated. I shared a few weeks ago that I was applying for term life insurance on myself, a replacement of some terms that seemed prudent to extend. Because of some past health history impacting a previous application I shopped my case in the same way I would for any of my clients who didn’t present a clear path to a given rate class.

After submitting trials to several companies that I felt would give my health history a fair look I received a tentative offer of best class from Prudential. It’s always interesting to apply for life insurance and experience again, first hand, the process that my clients go through.

My exam with Exam One with off without a hitch. It consisted of blood and urine specimens, a check of my height,weight and blood pressure and an ekg. This was followed by a full review of my medical history. Total time with the examiner was about 25 minutes in the comfort of my living room.

With Prudential they actually take the application themselves during what is called a home office interview. Depending on the amount of health history, this interview will normally take about 15-20 minutes on the phone. They ask you to tell them the best time to call, but if they catch you at a busy time they provide a toll free number to call back at your convenience. Mine took about 17 minutes.

Because I posed myself as my model client and was very proactive about making sure medical records were released and information available and questions answered quickly, I was approved best class about 10 days after the interview.

Bottom line. I do what I preach (blog) about with my own business and it works. If you have some health history it is simply common sense to use an independent agent and shop it as far and wide as you need to. No stone unturned is a prudent approach.