I’ve talked recently about the United of Omaha “Fit test” crediting program where a person’s health habits and lifestyle can help reduce the price of their life insurance. Well, they bowled a strike on a bipolar disorder term insurance case I was working on today, approving it at the rate they quoted on the trial offer and then lowering that price by about 25% using Fit test credits.

In this case my client was looking at $500,000 of 20 year term at $2360 annually. Once the credits were applied her new guaranteed rate for 20 years is $1762.00.

And these aren’t killer requirements to qualify for credits. It’s not like they want to know if you can run a 10k in under 30 minutes or spend more than 2 hours daily in aerobic exercise.

There are some serious savings to be had for people that have been rated by other insurance companies or have an impairment like type 2 diabetes or bipolar where we know up front that best case is going to be a moderately rated approval. United of Omaha’s crediting can reduce the premium 25% to 50%.

Bottom line. Not being rewarded for your life style is one of the primary complaints people have about life insurance underwriting. United of Omaha just might be the right Fit for you.