Mitral valve prolapse sounds a little ominous, and to see the knee jerk reaction some life insurance companies have when they underwrite it, you would swear it was right up there with heart attacks. Not so.

Mitral valve prolapse is simply a slight thickening in one of the four heart valves. It doesn’t cause any problems with heart function and in the absence of other heart issues, it doesn’t get any worse with time and most certainly does not carry any mortality risk.

Many companies have been writing MVP at standard rates for as long as I can remember. That would put it in to the same bucket with diabetes or perhaps prostate cancer. Mitral valve prolapse is simply not that vicious. This overview
by kind of puts things in perspective.

As an independent agent I am constantly quizzing underwriters about their stance on different health issues. This is one where there is substantial disagreement from company to company, and while many will stick to their standard rates, there are many that, in the absence of complications, don’t see the need to rate MVP at all.

Bottom line. It pays to not take one company’s decision as an industry fact. Engage an agent who is willing to do more than process applications, an agent who is willing to dig for the best possible offer for you.