Oh, if only it were as simple as some people think. Determining mortality assumptions for the purposes of life insurance rates is, well, really, really complicated stuff. I was kicking around Google and came across an article with enough information to choke a horse on why us people die.

Fortunately life insurance underwriters don’t have to go through all of these mental gymnastics each time they review a file. 99% of the general mortality information is already built into assumptions and all they have to do is add or subtract mortality based on your individual health issues or strong points.

Bottom line. I’ve already dismissed 98% of life insurance companies as unworthy of my client’s business. Those are the companies that get your application, pull out a book, and deal you a text book blow to your rates. The other 2% seem to have hit on the fact that while the text book is generally, fairly accurate, it isn’t a one size fits all world.