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Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, there is a piece of information you should already know that is crucial in finding the best life insurance rates. If you do not know what your hbA1c, your hemoglobin A1c is, call your doctor and get it.

While you have that doctor on the phone, ask them if there is any other information they have been withholding that is critical to you being a well informed diabetes patient.

For years now we have specialized in helping people with diabetes find affordable life insurance. The first question a life insurance underwriter wants answered is how well your glucose is controlled. The answer to that comes from the labs the doctor does each time they see you and the result they look to is the hbA1c.

This is the same lab result your doctor looks at to determine if your medication levels need to be adjusted. This is information they should discuss with you when you are first diagnosed and each time they do labs. I have never been able to determine what they gain by keeping you in the dark, but their lack of commitment to your knowledge is a disgrace.

Bottom line. My recommendation would be that you get a copy of every set of labs available since you were diagnosed with diabetes. I know that is overwhelming if you were diagnosed 20 years ago, but you should strive to have a file of the last 3 to 5 years. Take some time to study it. Highlight your A1c. Graph it. Know it. Understand that this is a measure of how well you are doing at controlling a disease that left uncontrolled, can lead to terrible consequences.  Don’t embarrass yourself by not knowing the simplest of facts about your medical condition.