In my work with people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there have been many times that they have been able to get the condition under control with diet and exercise. Sometimes they start with medication, but eventually the good forces of a healthy diet and regular exercise take over, the medications go and the control stays.

have been following reality weight loss programs, first ABC’s Fat March and then NBC’s Biggest Loser. I have written to both networks and proposed the idea of a diabetes related weight loss reality show. I know the networks are just in it for the advertising dollars, but I have to believe with all of the diabetes meds and testing materials and life insurance companies, they should easily be able to draw major advertising. And heck, who has more advertising money than those guys.

I like the idea of reality weight loss programs because they draw attention to the problem of obesity. The part I don’t like is that people can be voted off for any reason. In my world and in my show, everyone would have to stick it out unless they quit. That way everyone who starts and finishes would be winners.

The idea of the show would be to take a group of people with type 2 diabetes. The three criteria they would have to meet is that they would all have to be obese, have high blood pressure and an haA1c of at least 7.5. This would give them three risk factors that can be solved through good diet and exercise resulting in weight loss.

Where Fat March and Biggest Loser are missing an awesome opportunity to educate while they entertain, my show Type 2 Be Gone (I’m definitely open to snappier titles) would provide the same entertainment, but have education be part and parcel of the show. The participants could be quizzed on health questions. Of course, as A1c’s, weight and blood pressure drop, that would be rewarded.

Bottom line. Television could be a way to educate people about two of the biggest health issues today: obesity and diabetes. It Just takes a network with a vision or one that will listen since I’ve already got the vision.