There really isn’t anything funny about this situation, but I always find myself shaking my head and thinking how odd it is!

I talked to a man who inquired about life insurance today. He had an extraordinary health history. He had type 2 diabetes diagnosed about ten years ago, and it was not well controlled. Since being diagnosed with diabetes he has had two heart bypass surgeries because of progessive heart disease. He has had one heart attack. He had an implanted pacemaker and defibrillator.

He is married and has a mortgage. Responsibilities! And he smokes.

As I write this I am still shaking my head. What is this guy thinking? He obviously has a desire to die and get it over with, but he wants to buy life insurance on his way out. That is just not the way it works folks.

People who take care of themselves and are making an effort to prolong their lives can usually get life insurance. People who are running headlong in the opposite direction simply don’t.

Bottom line. Diabetes complicates heart issues to the extent that insurance companies would be very leery of insuring someone with chronic heart disease and diabetes. When you cap that off with the person smoking post heart attack……it’s just not going to happen.