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If you look that up on Google, on the first page, all of the offerings are about life insurance companies (top 10 companies). There is one that talks about 13 agents who wrote monster life insurance policies. But, let’s consider what you would want if you believed a top life insurance agent would be useful in your situation.

In the life insurance industry there is an organization called the Million Dollar Round Table. Different levels of that organization can be joined depending on how much life insurance you sold in any given year. Their benchmark for the highest level, called Top of the Table, is over $1 million of premium (policy cost) sold  in a year. It could be argued that the top ten life insurance agents in the country are the members of the Top of the Table who sold the most. Unless you are planning on spending $50,000 a year on your life insurance you probably can’t even get an appointment with that top ten.

So compare that to what I believe should be the standard for the top ten. The top ten life insurance agents should be those who are the most successful at meeting their client’s needs and who make the client’s budget a priority in the process. The top ten agents should be independent, not strapped to one company, so if you present a health issue the agent can shop your situation to all of the best companies and find the best bang for you buck. The top ten life insurance agents should be humble when it comes to the commission we are paid. We should never recommend one company over another because we make more money from one. If the best value makes us less money, doing the right thing for you should be our priority.

The top ten agents should never give up on a tough case or place a life insurance policy with you and not keep an eye open for a better option year after year. The top ten agents should never turn business away because it’s hard work finding the right life insurance company or it isn’t going to make enough money.  The top ten agents should always take your call to answer questions or provide service.

Bottom line. Over the last 20 years I’ve written policies so small that they don’t cover the cost of the work it takes, and I’ve written policies with well over $100,000 annual cost. I’ve qualified for the MDRT (not Top of the Table) the last 18 years and have never joined because I feel my time is better spent solving client’s life insurance challenges than listening to speakers tell me how to make more money.  I spend my time constantly learning more about how to help those who are having a hard time getting life insurance to protect their family or business. I don’t think you would find anyone that would argue that I’m not one of the top ten independent life insurance agents specializing in hard to place personal or business cases. I work hard for anyone that calls asking for my help. If you have questions or would like to discuss your life insurance situation, call, text or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.