In an effort to serve more completely the needs of those whose health can make getting affordable life insurance a challenge, Hinerman Group is moving ahead with new “health challenge specific” websites.

My passion has always been to foster discussion and provide information to those, like me, who don’t fit into the Superman rate classes that we all see advertised and would love to have. The truth is that, depending on the company, only 10%-15% of those who apply for life insurance actually qualify for those rates.

About 50% of those who apply have some challenge that will cause them to teeter between insurable and uninsurable, depending on the company they apply through. It is these people I hope to reach through our new websites. I want to provide an independent agent’s view to the subject and educate people on exactly how you attack finding the best possible rates.

To that end our diabetes website went live a few weeks ago and our obesity site came up yesterday. In the very near future you will find sites that are dedicated to prostate cancer, breast cancer, private pilots, sleep apnea, heart disease, and women. I am very open to suggestions for other sites to serve the under served.

Bottom line. Most agencies make their mark and their living providing life insurance to the healthiest 15% of clients. The other 85% need an advocate for their situation and an agency that will work hard to make sure they have the best possible opportunities to provide the family protection they need at affordable prices.