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My office has a large parking lot and we’re next door to the largest church in town. They’ve been wonderful neighbors and have had permission for as long as we’ve been here to use our parking lot for overflow.

Unfortunately the most common reason for needing overflow parking is when someone young in the community has passed away. There was a service held today a young guy, Steve Gilmore, 47 years old. He left behind a wife and four young children. An active guy. By all accounts right up to his death, a healthy guy.

I was talking with the pastor, a close friend of mine, after the service and asked him, without being socially incorrect, just how does a guy drive home the point to young people, those with responsibilities, just how critical it is to have life insurance. And just how incredibly inexpensive it is.

It’s tough. It’s so easy to come off as morbid or as a salesman who would use scare tactics for personal gain. The truth is that the premiums are so small on young people and hence the commissions are so small, that if we break even it would be rare. There are no renewal commissions on term life insurance so, well, I guess what I’m getting at is that this is just one of areas where my heart for the life insurance business is what drives an otherwise questionable business decision.

I just hurt when I see an obituary and it talks about an account that has been set up at a local bank for the family. So many of the young people who have passed away over the past several years here in our small community have been in that situation. Anyway, just another one of those days when I know I’m in the right business.

Bottom line. I’ve shared this so many times before, but 1 in 6 young men who make it to 25 won’t see their 64th birthday. Sure, that’s a lot of years and only 16% of them will die, but all of them will be said to have died prematurely.