Let me step away from my “life insurance self” for a moment and just talk about a little about life and death, family and friends. Allow me, if you will, to take a few minutes of your time to share what’s on my heart.

I got a call yesterday from a friend, one of those calls that you know isn’t good even before they get to the point of telling you that something horrible has happened. She called to tell us that her 19 year old son had died in an accident. She called to tell us about the profound impact it was having on her, her husband, and the other children.

She called hoping that we could help her make some sense about how it seemed everyone was dealing with this tragedy in such different ways. Some withdrawing. Some angry. Some in denial, and all of them with their hearts torn out. It seemed that his death was ripping the family apart just because, while everyone held on to their own grieving process, they didn’t seem willing to pull back together.

My wife and I talked later about how destructive an unexpected death can be. When someone dies from say, cancer, you have some time to come to grips with the eventual loss. Not that it’s easy, but there is something that is just so unfathomable about having a child, or a spouse, here one day and just gone. No time to say goodbye. No time to pray with them. No time to say how much you love them again.

And the grieving process is so personal. There are commonalities that you can look back in retrospect and see, but in that period before you are finally able to grasp and accept the death, it is each person just trying to keep their head above water.

Bottom line. There are days that just take my mind off of business and this is one of those.