Remember when we used to cry “Uncle” in order to be turned loose from some egregious death hold that a sibling or friend had on you. Uncle was almost always honored, at the very least after getting us to shriek or pee our pants a bit more. Well, Uncle!!! Cmon, Uncle!

Life has dished one, or two or three or more on me this year and I would like to cry Uncle but it’s my own body that is dishing out the pain and agony and I can’t wet my pants out of it. And screaming Uncle to something like a kidney is a little on the bizarre side. So it started out with a head injury. OK, so I dug a little into last year for the head injury, only late November, but things have definitely slid since then. Things stayed primarily in my head until about a month ago when bam, a life insurance term if I ever heard one, all hell broke loose.

Living at 8200′ above sea level shortness of breath is not something I personally deal with while I watch tourist succumb to altitude sickness all the time. I spoke a bit recently about altitude sickness, life insurance and how it can definitely take out those climbing to extreme altitudes like Everest. But suddenly, and I mean practically overnight, I went from hiking miles a day to barely being able to walk my dog on a flat path, very slowly. From there I’ve gone to kidney, edema, pulmonary and cardiac issues.

This forum isn’t about me. I have life insurance and if all of these adventures go wrong and I cry Uncle too late the family will be fine with the life insurance I have in place. But this forum is about all of you sitting out there on the fence thinking that you are bomb proof, putting off life insurance the way you might put off putting on a helmet until someone yelled incoming. don’t do it. If someone who takes care of themselves can go from 60 to almost 0 in a month, well, to say it’s not possible is avoiding the reality of reality.

Bottom line. There’s a time for everything, but there aren’t do overs for everything. If you have questions about when to start life insurance or what to get or how much, call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.