It seems with so many health issues that, unchecked, one leads to another that leads to another. I don’t mean to insinuate that you live, catch a cold and then you die, but the key word here is “unchecked”.

In a post not too long ago one of the points was that the heavier you get before you finally notice the wide load sign on the back of your shirt, the harder it is to do the two things that can turn obesity around, diet and exercise. Let’s be real, losing that 10-15 pounds gained over vacation or the holidays is not nearly as daunting as losing that 100-150 pounds that you have managed to stow away over the past few years.

We have discussed many times the collateral health issues that obesity can contribute to, not the least scary being cancer. According to a new study, obesity takes a double hit in the cancer category. It seems that there is a direct correlation between fitness, defined as having a regular cardiorespiratory exercise regimen, and a person’s chances of having cancer. Obviously the more obese a person is, the less exercise they will participate in and the higher their risk of cancer.

The skinny folks aren’t completely off the hook with this study. While a good height/weight ratio has a lower risk of cancer than someone who is obese, given two people who fare well on a build chart, if one exercises and the other doesn’t, the higher risk follows the one who doesn’t.

Bottom line. Life insurance for the overweight and obese can be obtained at very fair rates. The key to that is to purchase life insurance while you’re healthy. Same as everyone, if you wait until you have major health challenges, you’ll be paying for it in more than one way.