I shared some time ago that my dad had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. By the time they determined what was going on it was a grade 4, stage 3 cancer and had soon penetrated the bladder wall and moved elsewhere in his body. It was, from a oncologist’s point of view, as bad as it gets.

They did radiation and attempted chemo therapy, but his white blood cells weren’t able to recover quickly enough to do a continued round of chemo as the doctors wanted. They eventually decided that he just couldn’t do the chemo and discontinued all treatment.

My dad has had a lot of people praying for him, praying constantly for God to heal him. He just had a cat scan a few days ago, 11 months after the diagnosis, 3 months after they quit trying chemo and told him that the cancer had moved into one lung, his liver and a couple of lymph nodes.

Praise God. The catscan showed that the nodule in his lung is gone. The lesion on his liver has decreased in size. The cancer in his lymph nodes has not changed, and there appears to be no new involvement. He looks great and feels great and will tell anyone that asks about the power of prayer.

Bottom line. Good doctors understand the power of prayer and encourage it. Not bad life insurance when you have God on your side.