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Oshkosh is wall to wall private pilots this week. It’s a week long fest of vintage planes, shows, and even the much anticipated Martin Jetpack kicking things off with it’s first public flight.

Life insurance will be well represented I’m sure, but before you buy into the best rates coming from those agencies, bring their information home, shop and compare. Just because you are a private pilot doesn’t mean that an agency that specializes in pilots can necessarily find you the best deal. It’s important to remember that your life insurance risk isn’t just measured by one thing, but by a combination of health, family history, hobbies and even foreign travel.

The Pilot Insurance Center is generally well represented in Oshkosh, and to their credit they’ve done a fine job for a thousands of pilots over the years. But even PIC isn’t always the source for the best rates available. A second opinion could put money back in your fuel jar.

Bottom line. Enjoy the show and when you get home do some prudent shopping.