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America has spent trillions of dollars monitoring, spying on and fighting enemies abroad since its’ inception. Now it would appear that we are being overtaken from the inside, not by armed terrorists, but by fat. Obesity is out to kick our behinds.

Now I’ve got good news when it comes to availability of affordable life insurance when people are overweight, but first let’s shake this subject out a little. Our country thinks it has a health care crisis on its’ hands now? At the rate we’re getting fatter, in 2020, 2010 will seem like the good old days because along with obesity, unchecked obesity, comes cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other expensive catastrophic illnesses.

I happen to live in Colorado and while Colorado is the only state in the country that is under 20% obese, as of last year it was at 18.9% in adults and somehow that’s not making me feel like we ought to be proud of the job that we’re doing. When you factor in children you can see that we’re right in the mix for not passing on our barely passing obesity grade to our kids.

So, before I go telling someone that is 6′ and 400 pounds that I can get them approved for life insurance, I just want to scream at our country, all of us collectively, WE’RE SINKING OUR OWN SHIP AND IT’S BECAUSE WE ATE TOO MUCH!!!!! If you’re overweight, get a grip. Get exercise. It’s free. Quit eating so much. You don’t need it. Get help. Losing weight is more fun with a friend. Get a gastric bypass if it is just simply too much to conquer! Nothing to be ashamed of because it really is a decision about life or death.

Now the good news. Even though you have eaten yourself into a position where your body is looking for diseases that can kill you, if you’re still healthy, even with the weight there is affordable term insurance out there. Get it while you’re healthy because no one is going to sell it to you if you’re overweight and your health is headed over a cliff. We’ve helped a lot of people get coverage they had been told they could never get.

Bottom line. Don’t wait. Don’t wait to see your doctor and discuss options. If he says exercise, don’t wait. If he says diet, don’t wait. If he recommends more drastic measures, and a second opinion agrees, don’t wait. If you don’t have life insurance and you still have your health, don’t wait.