This is just a spin on a talk I have with my granddaughter at least once a week. We have become a disconnected world where people no longer see the logic in a conversation unless it is done electronically, and no longer see the need to enjoy the outdoors because they are too entertained indoors.

I get inquiries every so often where people request that we only communicate via email. Some information can be shared via email but it quickly comes to a point where email is slower and less accurate than just picking up the phone and talking. I have online quote request forms that if filled out completely can shorten the phone time, but it’s funny that the folks that don’t want to talk rarely seem to want to provide health information even through an electronic form.

It seems to be the world we live in. People will pay through the nose if they can buy life insurance with no exam and preferably no questions, and most of all no human interaction. Car insurance ads on TV lay the offer right out there, “technology if you prefer it, people if you don’t”. The difference in their case is that the price is usually the same whichever mode you choose. With life insurance the best rates will always come when you talk to a knowledgeable agent, take an exam and share all of your medical information.

For instance, if you send in a quote request and tell me that you were diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and take methotrexate for it, that leaves me several questions short of a load to be able to quote accurately. We can pick away at it via email or we can get on the phone and get it done so I can shop it. When were you diagnosed? What is the dosage of methotrexate. How debilitating is the arthritis? Are you fully functional?

It might even be prudent to ask some lifestyle and family history questions. United of Omaha will give credits on what they call their U of O Fit Credits FIT program. If you lead a healthy life and happen to have rheumatoid arthritis it could save you substantial premium. Sure it has to be well controlled with a relatively low dose of methotrexate to get to standard rates, but most companies won’t compete in that situation putting all RA clients in the same bucket.

Bottom line. Don’t believe for a minute that you are saving time or money by trying to stay tech with your search for life insurance. It takes a talk with the right agent to find the right company to get you the best possible rates.