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Truth be known, more people inquire about life insurance to the top three on line mega agencies in a month, than I will serve in a lifetime. They are overwhelming the business with the law of large numbers. If you write a large enough check to Google you get a large spot at the top of each page which brings a lot of responses and, whether you are any good at what you do or not really doesn’t matter, you will make a large number of sales.

I’m not just speaking brashly out of envy. I know the truth and the truth is that when you are that large, numbers count and clients don’t. Been there, done that. I worked for  three years for an online mega life insurance sweatshop. I finally left because it was obvious that I would never be able to convince them that longevity in the business comes from service, not sales.  Anyone can gear up, throw money at it and produce large numbers. If you never talk to that client again, someone else will come along and replace you.

The thing about the big boys is that they really don’t care about what happens after the sale. They get their commission and never look back. They make all of their money on the initial sale and they make nothing from service. So, why service? Pretty shallow thinking for greedy people.

Ongoing service keeps customers and while I may not make money directly from them again, I am recommended to their friends and family. If their need changes, they don’t shop it mindlessly, they call me.

Bottom line. I know the reality of the size of audience I write to. But if a few people tell a few people who tell a few people….that there is an agency that can get as good or better rates for them than those online behemoths, and offer long term service, well, who knows.