How to find someone the best life insurance rates in the business really isn’t rocket science, but it seems to be an ability that doesn’t come easily to most life insurance agents.

This bodes well for me as an agent because there are a lot of customers out there that aren’t getting what they should or finding what they need. They want the best possible deal. Of course this can also put me on occasion in the position of being an unpaid consultant.

It isn’t often, but it happens more than I would like, that I will shop a case for someone and really work a case hard and they take the results to their local agent and buy my results from someone that didn’t have a clue how to get from point A to point B. I don’t find a lot of solace in the fact that, given the agent didn’t even know how to find the best deal, they will be hard pressed to appropriately service the business going forward.

Oh, the joy of being used! There are also those customers who will take the great offer I was able to garner for them and use it as leverage with their current life insurance company. “I’ll take my business elsewhere unless you can match this offer” type of deal. Most companies will stick to their underwriting guidelines, but their are those that will bend and make the deal to save a block of business.

Bottom line. Can’t whine I guess. I win far more than I lose and as long as the customer wins, at least they are insured and at least it’s at a fair price.