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Look out for the fine print! Make sure you check the fine print in your contract! There is probably nothing about a contract, whether it is a lease, a financing contract, or a life insurance policy, that worries people more than the fine print.

Thanks to insurance regulatory agencies and pressure from consumer advocacy groups, the truth is that life insurance policies are about as devoid of fine print as any kind of contract. This is really one of the bright lights of the life insurance industry. Of all the contracts out there that can have a huge impact on a family’s future, there are probably none more than a life insurance contract.

A family might survive things like a bad lease or financing experience, but if a life insurance policy doesn’t come through as expected, disaster.

Over the next week or so I will be picking a term life insurance policy apart, addressing all of the aspects, the language, where to find things and how to understand exactly what you have. My hope is that by walking through an in force policy you will understand more and be armed to evaluate your own policy.

Bottom line. Fine print suggests sneaky ways to get out of living up to the promise of a contract. Life insurance policies excel in the area of avoiding that type bad news.