The answer to that question would be….no cancer to underwrite! It seems that since cancer has been diagnosed and understood, there has been a constant supply of studies and advice on how to prevent cancer.

Prevention of cancer! How good would that be? Think of the economic and emotional devastation that cancer causes each time it strikes a family.

There are those that say the clean life is the way to win finish the race cancer free, but who hasn’t known someone who smoked and drank and ate wrong all the way into their 90’s and then just wore out. And, who doesn’t know someone who did every minute of life exactly the way science would recommend and died from cancer in their 40’s.

I guess all a person can do is pick a path and hope. I read an article today that had a long list of suggestions on food and supplements that might give you an edge. Then there is the green tea method. Like I said, no shortage of advice.

From a life insurance standpoint, there is no doubt that skipping cancer in your life, and in the long run, not having a family history of cancer, will save you and your children money. Even in the best case, a history of cancer is going to prevent almost any chance of ever seeing the best rates again. Just because your doctor says you have the cancer beat after 5 years or 10 years, doesn’t mean that insurance companies share that optimism.

Bottom line. Living a healthy lifestyle may not keep you from getting cancer, but it will help you feel better and will keep your life insurance rates lower (my post a few days ago on tobacco use).