Mom always said to take my vitamins. Actually she really didn’t, and the truth is that she wasn’t all that big on taking vitamins herself. Who would have ever thought that if she had been taking vitamins regularly and specifically vitamin D, she may not have had breast cancer.

The link between vitamins and health has been overstated in so many instances that sometimes it’s tough to figure out when the advice is right on the money. In a Medical News Today article they cite a study that concludes that regular use of Vitamin D could lead to 150,000 less cases of breast cancer and colorectal cancer each year in the US. 600,000 worldwide.

Any guarantees? No. Worth popping a multi vitamin with D every day. You bet!

You know, most days I am talking about how to get better life insurance rates by managing your health issue, whether it is diabetes, heart disease or whatever ails you. The truth is that the best rates come when you don’t have health issues.

Bottom line. Exercise, eat right, dump the stress from your life and your reward will be a long, healthy life and all the life insurance you need at the best rates available.