Another bipolar disorder success today. A client I have been working with who applied with State Farm and USAA and received highly rated offers from both was able to get a standard rate through one of our better carriers, more than cutting in half his potential life insurance cost.

The difference it made for him was the opportunity to be able to purchase an adequate amount of life insurance at the term length he needed given his family situation, and we stayed within his budget.

This is another case of those companies that want to be all things to all people simply not being able to do that in an affordable way. Both USAA and State Farm are great companies at what they are good at, but when you ask them to step outside their comfort zone the only thing they know to do, the only way they know how to respond is by overcharging.

In this case we are talking about a man who was diagnosed with bipolar 2 five years ago and he’s one of those guys that unless he told you that he was bipolar, very unlikely you would ever know it. He is super compliant with his medication, has a very stable family life and a career that really hasn’t had any bumps in it.

Bottom line. Of the millions of people with bipolar disorder a very large percentage are just like this client. They have a problem and they’ve done everything they need to do to get their life on track and keep it there. Affordable life insurance is just one of the rewards added to the quality they have claimed for their lifestyle.