Another agent just passed on to me a true story that just defies logic on so many levels. When a person shows up to do your life insurance paramedical exam and ekg, it would be nice to have some confidence that they know what they’re doing.

His client had an exam not too long ago and after the results got to the insurance company they declined to make an offer due to several abnormalities on the ekg done by the nurse working on behalf of an exam company. When discussing this with the agent he expressed some surprise at abnormalities since he gets regular checkups and nothing had ever been noted before.

He did however also relate what he thought might be an abnormality in the way the ekg was done. He said the nurse had apparently misplaced the adhesive used to hold the leads in place so the nurse used magazines and catalogs to hold the leads in their appropriate positions.

Obviously if a lead were to move at all during the ekg run it could cause an abnormal reading and if they are being held down by magazines the possibility of movement with each breath is fairly significant. Anyway, the abnormal ekg is now being replaced by one done by the client’s doctor.

Bottom line. If you’re having an insurance exam and the procedure just doesn’t seem right, put a stop to it right then and call your agent.