I’m not sure I could beat this subject too hard. If you have bipolar disorder and have looked for life insurance, you know how challenging and frustrating it can be. One of the underwriting points that is absolutely critical to getting the best rates possible is that a person has to have a stable work history.

On that subject I ran across an article today that might be useful. I won’t pretend to know how daunting a task it is, or how complicated it might be, being bipolar and keeping solid footing in an arena that humbles plenty of folks that aren’t effected by bipolar.

We work hard at getting affordable life insurance rates and to that end we have been successful with those who have bipolar and fall into the criteria I’ve laid out so many times. For those who truly meet these guidelines we have not had a problem.

1. No hospitalization for bipolar, except for diagnosis, in the last 10 years.
2. No suicide attempts.
3. A stable family/personal life.
4. A stable work history, you can’t be on disability for bipolar.
5. Compliant with treatment and medication

Bottom line. These criteria, with a few changes in direction, can be applied to underwriting most health and mental issues. Stability and compliance, whether it is with high blood pressure, diabetes or bipolar are the launching pad to fair and affordable rates.