The Rock!! I bring Pru up every once in a while simply because they seem to be a company that is out to make a difference in the life insurance business. Other companies are competitive, and Prudential isn’t the answer to every life insurance question, but they are trying as hard as any company out there to expand the underwriting box and be just a little more fair. The attached is a two page summary of Prudential Financial’s rating, history and financial strength.


So, what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses? They are above average in underwriting for private pilots (including students), sleep apnea, weight (with an extra break if you’re over 65), situational anxiety and depression issues if well controlled, one time dui cases, prostate cancer and family history.

Areas where they come close, but I personally would like to see them be a little more aggressive would be well controlled diabetes and minor cardiac issues (a one vessel angioplasty with no heart attack after age 50).

Where I really wonder what they are thinking is with more involved heart issues and cancer (except prostate cancer).

But, no company can be all things to all people and again, they are a cut well above average in today’s market.

Bottom line. It takes an independent agent to figure out which direction you need to go for the best life insurance value. All of the top companies have an area where they stand out. Pru has several.