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I admit that I am something of a whiner when it comes to cold and snow. I am often asked, if that’s true, why I live in Colorado? The answer lies mostly outside the winter months.

Snow has been building up, or at least not going away since late November. A few weeks ago we finally got some relief from the cold and the snow and ice in my parking lot began to melt. Two days ago it had reached a point where the ice was virtually gone. I actually went outside and just stood in the sun. For the first time in months I wasn’t holding my breath or gritting my teeth against the cold.

Then it started snowing again. My parking lot is once again covered. I was up at 5 this morning shoveling and pushing snow. People who have had heart attacks pay big bucks to have a cardiologist make them work like that. A stress test for sure, on more than one level.

I’ve read somewhere that shoveling snow is a major cause of heart attacks in the winter. Winter is also a big culprit in the onset of depression.

So, do life insurance underwriters view those of us that have to shovel snow in the winter with extra caution? Fortunately the answer is no, unless we suffer from depression or have a heart attack.

Bottom line. It’s supposed to warm up again this week so with any luck I will be able to stow away my whine for a while.