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I just held an impromptu contest in my head to determine what group of people have the largest number of life insurance quotes asked for compared to actual policies applied for.

The results are in and I’m not going to try to make any broad social implication out of the fact that the smoking crowd won the contest. They seem to have this need to know how much life insurance will cost coupled with a real lack of enthusiasm for purchasing when they find out that the mortality experience from smoking drives their price up to 2 to 3 times what they would pay if they don’t smoke.

Never mind that even at the higher rates, most people who smoke are spending more on their habit than they are willing to consider spending on protecting their families future. I am down playing somewhat how strongly I really feel about this issue when I say that if I were King, I would require all of my subjects who smoke and have families to carry life insurance. If they refused, their cigarette money would be garnished from their paychecks to forcibly buy the life insurance. If they tried to game the system I would have their heads chopped off and their families would be awarded the benefits from their life insurance anyway.

Bottom line. For all of you who smoke and have done the responsible thing anyway, I salute you. If you smoke and are still avoiding life insurance, off with your head.