There may be more than one reason to be upbeat about sleep apnea from a life insurance standpoint. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there are offers coming in on life insurance for those with mild to moderate, well controlled sleep apnea that can be as good as the best rates out there, as long as all other risk factors are under control.

If your sleep apnea fits into that scenario, you might also be doing your heart a favor. A recent study showed that control of sleep apnea through committed use of a cpap can be beneficial in holding atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) at bay, or even reversing early signs of the disease.

This is sounding like a win/win situation to me. Two of the collateral issues that have always led underwriters to take a serious stance on sleep apnea are high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Good control on one helps avoid the other two. Good for your health and great for life insurance rates.

Bottom line. Whether it is sleep apnea or diabetes, compliance with recommended treatment leads to good control, which leads to better health and less complications. Hard to find a downside to that!