While we’ve been very successful in placing best rate class life insurance for those with mild to moderate sleep apnea, that shouldn’t be confused with a lack of risk with the disorder.

The way to those best class rates starts with mild to moderate apnea, but needs to be accompanies by a history or compliance with treatment (yes, that means you use your cpap every night), and a lack of other risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure or heart disease. A recent study at Johns Hopkins makes it very clear that taking sleep apnea lightly could be a fatal mistake.

The study substantiated a very definite increase in mortality risk caused primarily by the periods of low oxygen that happen during sleep disturbed by apnea. Results showed that just 11 minutes of severe sleep apnea per night where oxygen levels dipped below 90% nearly doubled the chances of premature death in men. While the increased mortality experience improved with mild to moderate sleep apnea, it still increased the risk.

Life insurance companies have been fairly steady on treatment of sleep apnea for some time with mild to moderate usually bringing standard rates and severe usually earning at least a minor table rating. Again this is in the absence of other risk factors. Prudential is the first company to really break through with better offers across the board with mild to moderate eligible for their best rate class and even severe avoiding table rating, usually approved at standard or standard plus.

Bottom line. It pays to seek out the right agent with the right knowledge and access to the right company in all situations. With sleep apnea, other companies might come close, but it would be a rare day if they beat Prudential.