It’s no secret that obesity is one of the leading risk factors for the onset of type 2 diabetes. Left alone, the combination of the two can be the start of a downward health slide that leads to heart disease and other major health issues.

I’ve talked to many clients over the years who have lost weight and have actually been able to quit taking medication for diabetes. Now a study shows that weight loss surgery, either gastric bypass or lap band surgery, can in fact cure diabetes. With gastric bypass surgery the return to normal glucose levels has been dramatic within just a few weeks.

From a life insurance underwriting standpoint you can be sure that, just like the gastric bypass itself, underwriters will want to see a track record before they offer up any “cured” rates. Right now underwriters, depending on the company, want to see 1-2 years of stable weight post bypass before they will truly jump on board with rates that reflect the new you. I suspect they will be show the same caution with “cured” diabetes.

Bottom line. This is great health news for those who have diabetes and aren’t able to get their weight under control in any other way. Killing two birds with one stone so to speak.