Seguros de vida ayuda en español?

Hinerman Group has always been about serving the unserved and underserved in the life insurance business. We specialize in helping those who can’t get life insurance or run into road blocks getting life insurance through the average agency.

Just as we have found very few agents that want to serve the impaired risk community, from diabetes to heart disease, we have also noticed that no one seems to take seriously the needs of the Latino and Spanish speaking community. We would like to change that and are prepared to put up an all Spanish website and translate blogs to Spanish and we are prepared to serve you with a bi-lingual staff.

La cuestión es que podría ser de valor? We do need your feedback.

Bottom line. We all buy where we are comfortable and where we know people care about the service they provide. Te nos permite ganar su confianza y, a continuación, su negocio?