Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys! If we don’t pull it together soon, or cull out the stupid ones, women are going to start showing us what life insurance is really for.

I swear not a week goes by that I don’t have a conversation with a husband in which they honestly don’t get the fact that life insurance on themselves is not for them.  No kidding! They will say, “So, let me make sure I’ve got this right. If I die before the end of the 20 year term I’ll get the full $500,000?” OKKKK! Not quite.

There are so many men out there that just can’t get their mind wrapped around the idea that they are doing this for their wife or their children.  And I don’t think the sentence above is a matter of misunderstood semantics. Even though they know that there are beneficiaries, deep down they really still think it is all about them so surely they must be the ones that end up with the money.

So, a little flow chart for the guys.

1. Without life insurance you live…….you die…….your wife and children are left without your income or any way to replace it.

2. With life insurance you live……you die……your wife and children are left without your income, but with sufficient tax free life insurance proceeds to carry on.

Bottom line. I hate to pick on guys, but face it, as a subspecies of the human race, brilliance is the exception. With life comes responsibility, and if you have people in your life that are depending on you to be responsible, get your ducks in a row and do it.