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There is no more critical component of life insurance underwriting of prostate cancer than the stage and grade. In the medical world it is often next to impossible to find a simple explanation of anything. I found an article today that explains the whole prostate cancer diagnosis process as simply (and accurately) as I have ever seen.

The article lays out in layman’s language what doctor’s are looking for, how they grade it when they find it, and what it means for you.

Remember that the factors underwriters are looking at is the PSA at the time of diagnosis, the TN stage of the cancer, the Gleason score or grade of the cancer, and the PSA after treatment. The post treatment PSA may differ depending on the treatment chosen. A prostatectomy should result in a PSA of 0 and that is the underwriting goal. If a seed implant is used, once the PSA has been at .5 or less for a year, better than standard rates can apply.

Bottom line. Know your cancer. Know the numbers and seek out an independent agent who is well versed at working with prostate cancer.