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Shopping for life insurance is no big trick if you’re healthy, young and boring. This is the one area where the giant on line agencies may actually provide good service.

Anything more complicated than young, healthy and boring is definitely where the services of a knowledgeable independent agent can be a time and money saver. Having an agent that knows what questions to ask and knows what companies to talk to, and more importantly which to avoid, can be the difference between a decline or rated policy or an approval at a competitive rate.

Private pilots take the boring out of that equation and should definitely not throw themselves to the winds of online superstores like Intelliquote or Accuquote. There are plenty of companies that can do a fine job for pilots, but choosing just the right company is a bit more work than the big boys really want to do.

Remember that just because you’re a pilot doesn’t mean that aviation is the only criteria that a life insurance underwriter will care about. Your agent needs to be able to find the right fit for your health, family history, foreign travel and aviation, and within your pilot activities, what you fly, how experienced you are and how often you fly.

As with any health issue, pilots should beware the agent that throws out quotes without having a complete picture. That’s a sure way to a bad result.

Bottom line. The country is strewn with life insurance agents who don’t know that private pilots can get great rates, as well as agents who don’t know what to do when a client presents the challenge of something like diabetes or depression. Finding that right agent, the agent that can pull all the parts together and save you money, is work worth doing.