Life insurance News For Stage 0 Melanoma

How many of us have laughed at or been laughed at over sunburns growing up? There wasn’t anything fun or funny about the pain, and we had no idea what was possible down the road. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in our country now and, no kidding, about 9500 people a day are diagnosed with some form of it.

So, being the most aggressive and deadly of the skin cancers how can we find preferred life insurance rates for melanoma? It’s not news that stage 1 and some stage 2 melanoma have been eligible for standard rates for some time. Recently though we have had a few life insurance companies change their guidelines to allow preferred rates for stage 0, also known as in situ, melanoma. In situ translates to “in its’ original place, so melanoma in situ has not spread and is also known as non invasive or pre-invasive cancer.

There are some underwriting caveats or guidelines that have to be met to be approved at preferred rates. 1. The stage 0 melanoma would need to be your first brush with skin cancer. 2. At least annual skin checks by your dermatologist. 3. No history of dysplastic nevi. and 4. No family history of melanoma. I don’t foresee any fudging on those guidelines since preferred life insurance rates and melanoma have never shared the same page in an underwriting manual before.

Since we’re talking about a stage 0 skin cancer, let’s talk a bit about how to catch or find skin cancer early, when treatment and life insurance purchases can both be successful. If you have a family history of skin cancer it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist early in life, probably in your early 30’s. It may not be the start of regular visits, but you can learn a lot about self examination. Once you have self examination down the dermatologist becomes a resource to check out anything suspicious.

Bottom Line

While most skin cancer isn’t a big medical concern, melanoma can be. Generations of sun worshipers and generations of those who should have been more prudent with their use of sun screen have created a growing problem with skin cancer. If you’ve had skin cancer, especially melanoma, and have run into problems acquiring the personal or business life insurance you need, call or email me directly. I’ve been able to help a lot of people find better rates for their life insurance with a history of melanoma. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk.