I would probably be well advised to tread carefully when it comes to mixing my business with politics, but being my own adviser, I tend to tell it the way I see it and let the chips fall wherever.

Allow me to share a few things that have struck me as important when it comes to this year’s presidential race. First and foremost is the link between the political choices to be made and the average American family’s ability to purchase life insurance. For years now Republican administrations have waged war on the economic stability of this country by cutting taxes and pretending it doesn’t matter because they have some magic credit card with no spending limit. We now all know that the credit card was issued by China and this country is in dire need of a Dave Ramsey approach to credit cards.

By driving this country to the brink of a financial meltdown through war and mismanagement, the middle class American family is now having to make a choice between gas and life insurance. That’s a real comfortable feeling. “Well, he didn’t have any life insurance but he did leave me a full tank of gas”?? George Bush, in my opinion, decided it was more important to take on the world (not Al Quaeda) than it was to take care of the country that he was put in charge of.

Again, in my opinion, this isn’t about not having four more years of irresponsible leadership. I don’t believe any Republican should be allowed to run for president again until they have acknowledged and pledged that they will stay away from the credit cards.

One other note. Kind of personal thing about the Democratic race. Much has been made about delegates versus the popular vote. I just want Mrs Clinton to know that, being from Colorado, I am personally offended by her refusal to acknowledge that anyone turned out for the caucuses in our state and the others who chose their delegates in the same manner. I know in Colorado that the turnout for caucuses was crushingly huge. Everything I’ve been told would indicate that the other caucus states were similar. So Mrs Clinton, while you rail on about the disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan, please kindly re-enfranchise all of the caucus states.

Bottom line. This election, more than any I can remember in the 30+ years I’ve been voting, is about the future of America, and not whether it is good or bad, but possibly whether it will be owned by another country or not.