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I know at times it seems that my agenda is more focused on obesity than helping people who are overweight find affordable life insurance. My goal has always been to help people with weight issues become educated on how life insurance underwriters look at obesity which is directly linked to how obesity effects health.

I think it is important for people to understand that life insurance underwriters are not just looking at a build chart and using higher rates to punish pounds. As we have discussed many times in this forum, the earlier an obesity problem arises and the longer it goes on, the more it wears on the body parts and functions.

We have covered many times how obesity puts people at a much higher risk of having diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. A new report should come as no surprise since it is ultimately our skeletal system that has to support the weight. While there doesn’t appear to be any adverse impact on the relative strength of the bones between normal weight and obese people, it does appear that the overweight study group didn’t have the bone mass in comparison to muscle mass that the slimmer study group had.

This seems to be triggered by the fact that bone cells and fat cells are produced from the same source and that in overweight people, the production of fat cells may get in the way of producing adequate bone cells.

Bottom line. No one is saying skinny is better, but let’s not mince words. Obesity has adverse impacts on health, life style, mortality and life insurance rates at every turn. Knowledge is power and sometimes knowledge is the nudge we need to take action.