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When it comes to obtaining life insurance in Latin America no company can match the financial strength, product portfolio and underwriting expertise of Pan American Life Insurance. In business for that very purpose for over 100 years Pan American continues to be the leader in U.S. life insurance for foreign national business people and high net worth families in Latin America. They stand alone next to other U.S. companies in their underwriting. Other companies are notorious for changing foreign national underwriting guidelines and requirements on a whim, presenting moving targets that are often impossible to match up for a client who needs and can afford the coverage.

Among the strong points that Pan American Life brings to the table:

  1. No requirement for financial or asset ties to the U.S.
  2. Death benefits denominated in U.S. dollars
  3. Pam American is fully compliant with all U.S. insurance regulations
  4. Ample capacity to obtain large personal and business life insurance policies up to $20 million
  5. There is no increased rating based on the country of residence
  6. Universal life products use U.S. mortality tables
  7. 100+ years experience with their international underwriting staff
  8. Multicultural and bilingual staff
  9. Extensive product portfolio of international products that include universal life and term products for 20 and 30 years and to age 100
  10. Great flexibility with international UL products not subject to U.S. tax law
  11. Flexible payment options. Payments do not need to come from a US bank, but they should come from the policy owner’s account. If funds are not coming from the policy owners account, Pan American will require a Third Party Authorization form be completed. The payment options accepted are: Checks,Wires, E checks, Monthly bank draft and Credit cards (Visa, MC and Amex).

No other life insurance company comes close to this commitment and strength for the Latin American and Caribbean countries. Their requirement for only one trip to the U.S. is reason enough for most clients to pick Pan American. Other U.S. life insurance companies require two trips, one to sign the application and complete the exam and a completely separate trip just to accept the approved policy and put it in force. That coupled with no financial or asset ties to the U.S. make Pan American a stand alone user friendly life insurance company.

Bottom line. For every life insurance challenge there are options and for each there is the best option. This is why we are pleased to represent Pan American as your answer. If you have questions or need more information or quotes, please call or email me directly. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk