I’m often asked whether being declined for insurance, or highly rated, will influence how another company looks at a new application. The answer is truly an emphatic NO!

Each company has their own underwriting criteria and their own philosophy and their medical director has their own opinion on health issues and what it all turns out as, is very little agreement between companies on how, especially harder health issues, should be viewed.

A case in point is a case I just shopped where a client had a gastric bypass within the past year and his weight had stabilized only a few months ago. I truly shopped this expecting a lot of declines, postpones and highly rated offers. I wasn’t disappointed in those areas, but was amazed when one company came back and said “possible preferred plus”. Flying in the face of the most common logic with obesity and gastric bypass, this company decided that since even adding back in half of the weight lost kept the person within preferred plus build criteria, they felt comfortable quoting it. I went back for a second opinion and they stuck with it.

I have a substantially more complicated case I’m working on that involves melanoma, border line diabetes, pulmonary function issues from 25 years of smoking and some cardiac issues that showed up on an echocardiogram. This case was approved at a table 7 by Prudential and was subsequently shopped and appears it will be approved at a table 2 by United of Omaha.

Bottom line. Most companies really don’t care what other companies think. They live by their own rules and guidelines.