Some of the life insurance leads I work are faxed advertisements that show a grid of preferred plus prices based on different ages and amounts of insurance. It clearly states at the top of the grid that these are “The lowest rates that exist. Preferred plus term insurance plans.”

I know that the names of the different rate classes are industry lingo, preferred plus, preferred, standard plus and standard being the most often used. I suppose it may not be reasonable to assume that someone would know all of the criteria that should be met, or what criteria differ between, say, preferred and preferred plus. But when it states that the rates shown are the “lowest rates that exist” is it really a reasonable assumption that everyone qualifies for the those rates?

Even those in real live denial are aware that obesity is a health problem and presents the opening for even more healthy problems. If I’m 5’6 and 225#’s, on some level I have to be at least wondering if I really qualify for the “lowest rates that exist”. Surely someone with diabetes must have an inkling that the lowest rates that exist are probably not in the cards. If I have bipolar disorder, a reasonable goal is for an approval at rates I can afford.

I don’t use those leads very often with most of my traffic generated from our website. I wouldn’t use them at all if they had fine print or were misleading, so I’m always kind of surprised when someone who is obviously not preferred plus and should know it, blows up when they hear the reality of that.

Bottom line. We fight and fight hard for the best rate a person can qualify for on every case and I understand that everyone wants to pay the lowest rates that exist, but that’s just not the way it works.