Just to follow on up on all the discussion that started with my post last week that will follow “Fat March” participants as they lose weight on national TV. I felt it would be informative for anyone who is dealing with weight issues to know that life insurance can be obtained and hopefully an encouragement as Will and Shane lose weight and move from their current uninsurable status to insurable.

I think it’s important to know that it isn’t weight alone that life insurance underwriters have to take into consideration. The truth is that weight wouldn’t really be a mortality issue if it wasn’t for all of the collateral health issues it can cause.

WebMD sums up the associated health problems on their website. People who are 20% or more overweight are at a distinctly higher risk of having heart disease, suffering a stroke, having type 2 diabetes and even contracting several types of cancer.

These aren’t things that life insurance underwriters take lightly and it showed in my quotes for the 12 participants in Fat March. Even though 10 of the 12 were insurable, their rates were substantially higher than someone their height, but with lower weight. On the other end of the spectrum, companies also have minimum weight guidelines and there are uninsurable limits on that end as well.

Bottom line. Most overweight people are insurable as long as they haven’t already started having collateral health problems. Contact an independent agent to guide you to the best possible rates.