Obesity, which often leads to heart disease, the number one killer of women, has now been linked to the number two cancer in women, breast cancer.

Let’s be frank about this. I am constantly reading studies and articles and I have yet to find anything that would lead me to believe that excess weight is anything but hard on your body. It, in non medical terms, seems to be the straw that bends and often times breaks the camel’s back.

Today I read that weight gain during adulthood, as opposed to women that keep a fairly constant weight, leads to a higher incidence of breast cancer in post menopausal women who didn’t use hormone replacement therapy.

This may seem like I’m kind of stretching for links. All of the pieces have to be in place for this scenario to be significant, but it is just one more case where, in the absence of weight gain, the scenario doesn’t play out. A person just doesn’t have to dig deep to find this information. Another article shows a link between obesity and cervical cancer . Another American Cancer Society study shows that obesity could be directly involved in as much as 20% of cancer cases in women.

From a life insurance underwriter’s standpoint, out of control weight gain is more than just BMI, it represents risk from a number of directions. From the standpoint of the out of control weight gainee, it’s time to take a serious look at the train you’re on and where it’s headed.

Bottom line. If you are overweight and it hasn’t caught up with you yet, in the form of collateral health issues, you need to find an independent life insurance agent who can help you put life insurance in place at an affordable rate. After the health issues start, that same shopping is going to be much harder and far more expensive. It may even be out of reach.