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I shared in a post yesterday concerning the ongoing quest to get a life insurance, any life insurance company, to consider offering  life insurance for children who have juvenile type 1 diabetes. The email that I sent out to insurance companies was also forwarded to the ADA.

Since it didn’t involve sales I thought there might be a chance they would consider it as an online article, a call to rally the troops.

Just like past experiences with the American Diabetes Association, my expectations were smashed on the rocky shores of their relevant information department. I emailed them a link to yesterday’s post with an email, “Would you please consider posting this? I have tried in the past to offer information via the ADA and have been met with contempt because I sell life insurance. If you read this post you will see it is about advocacy, not sales. Please let me know what your decision is. Thanks in advance for your consideration”.

Their response, while considerably more civil and polite than my experiences of the past few years, really left me shaking my head. Someone named Kelly Toves emailed and said, “Thank you for contacting Diabetes. However, we do not have a current need for an article on this topic. I will keep your information on file for future reference”.

No current need??? To my knowledge and I have challenged the ADA to prove me wrong, they have never written or posted an article on this subject. A year ago I provided the sum total of their life insurance advice in a post that questioned both their advocacy and the relevance of the information they provided.

Bottom line. I still await a response from the Juvenile Diabetes Association. I hope for a friendlier, more empathetic response from them.