Life insurance underwriters have their hands full trying to sort through all of the possibilities with an applicant suffering an anxiety disorder. I had in my mind that it was just this simple. People had depression and they were down. People had anxiety disorders and they were, well, anxious about too many things.

But now I find out that anxiety disorder is a generic term that covers several mental issues that affect nearly 20 million adults in the US. That’s 13.3% of adults. Now, I didn’t do a study, but I’m thinking about 95% of teenagers and young adults probably suffer from the same issues, or maybe because I’m old and slow it just seems that way.

Anyway, from an underwriting standpoint, insurance companies are looking for stability and control. And just a footnote. Being on disability is not seen as stability and control. Stability would be when you can function normally in society in things such as having a job. Control is being compliant enough with treatment that you can keep the job and carry on with things such as family life.

Bottom line. Issues of anxiety and depression, as long as there is control and stability, can be underwritten at rates as good as preferred. This is definitely a time when an independent agent will be worth their weight in something just because each company sees the subject from a little different angle.