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I am often asked by clients and potential clients if I sell business liability insurance, car insurance, medicare supplements and the full gamut of insurance products available and my answer is Wyoming raised simple, “Nope, I just sell life insurance”.

It has been tempting over the years to add this or that, partly to I can be more things to more people and partly because it looks like a good way to make extra money and honestly I’ve never been against extra money. But I’ve held my ground and believe I always will. Life insurance is something I believe in more than just a little bit and it’s a very fair insurance which is something that a person would be hard pressed to say about, for instance, health insurance.

Life insurance is something that I’ve learned a lot about and I am able to use that God given knowledge to help people who are being slapped around by companies and agents that do life insurance as just another product in their line. I know life insurance to be, in the hands of an honest, competent independent agent, a tool of great help to families and businesses.

I care deeply about my wife and my family and my business and I like the fact that my customers seem to have that in common with me. The truth is that people who don’t care, don’t buy life insurance to protect someone else’s future.

So that’s us. We do one thing and by all accounts we do a pretty good job of it.

Bottom line. We aren’t and don’t want to be all things to all people. Plenty of people already have that job. But if you want life insurance, term insurance, universal life or a second opinion on whole life, let us know how we can be of assistance.