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Over the years, North American Ccmpany for Life and Health has moved in and out of the impaired risk spot light. Overall though, they would have to be judged as one of the better small companies out there.

North American isn’t one of the big boys, but they are still here after 120+ years and there is something to be said for not going away. Having said that, there is a pretty significant rumor milling around that Midland National and North American will be merging soon. Attached is a summary of ratings and stats on both companies.



North American has proven to be consistently formidable with the private pilot market. Other companies come and go, but North American has been steady there for years. They also underwrite toward the top of the stack on strokes and some cardiac issues.

In recent history they were leaders in the industry in underwriting type 2 diabetes and cancer, but have become more conservative on that in the past year or so. They have also taken a step backwards on sleep apnea. They are pretty middle of the road on these issues at this point. We are in the process of finding out what direction they will take if they do merge with Midland.

In my memory they have never been good with type 1 diabetes, multiple impairments such as diabetes and heart disease combined, or foreign travel.

Bottom line. One of the reasons that independent agents can be a valuable partner in your search for life insurance is that when a company changes their view on a certain impairment, we’re not stuck there. The winds are always shifting and flexibility is a good thing.