I have frequently been a critic of Suze Orman when it comes to her advice on life insurance and I am not writing this because I feel I may have been wrong.

Suze was on Larry King yesterday praising God for our government bailout of AIG.

In her interview she noted as one reason that the bailout was justified was that “Everybody has an AIG insurance policy”. It is this tendency for her to stretch the truth on life insurance matters that leads me to offer my services as a personal consultant on life insurance to help her keep from gaffing herself to death on the subject.

Bottom line. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, try not to say anything until you get some professional advice. Obviously everyone doesn’t have an AIG policy and more importantly is that any restructuring they would have had to do would not have impacted the rates of their guaranteed policies and Ms Orman advocates guaranteed policies only. Need a hand Suze? No charge!